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Matt from Vermont

“My testimonial would be that my GFX allows me to increase the capacity of my 40 gal. LP-fired water heater which is being used to provide heat in a 2000 sq. ft. home and domestic hot water for a family of 4. Cool, huh? –Matt.”


Ohio Homeowner

“I enjoy it. Our water heating costs have gone down by one-third.”

Robert from Virginia

“Is there some way I can induce a new home builder to include this in the construction of my new home?”


Comment by Many

Why isn’t GFX required in all new construction?


Marilyn from Virginia

“We have had GFX installed in our house for several years and we are delighted with its performance. Prior to its installation we had a little less than 30 minutes of hot shower time from our 50- gallon electric hot water heater. After the installation we increased our hot shower time to more than double. As a family of four, you can imagine the impact. We never run out of hot water even if everyone takes back-to-back showers. As an added bonus, there are energy savings as well. Anyone who uses hot water should have GFX installed.”


Dianne Falk From Virginia

“The Faulk’s GFX was installed on 12/10/97 and was to be turned to the off position for the first three weeks. On 12/23/97 Diane Faulk called to see if I could turn the GFX on since she was having 6 relatives stay with her over the holidays. She expressed to me that having it on would give it a true test of how effective it could be with recovery time. At times there would be 6 or 7 showers all in succession. I agreed that it would benefit everyone to put it through a tough test. I went out on 12/ 23/97 and turned it to the on position. Diane was real excited to see how it was going to work. On 01/5/98 I returned to take readings and talked with Bruce Faulk about how it worked. He was overwhelmed on how it performed and said he would recommend it to anyone. The other customers are saying the same things also, including myself. It does make a big difference.” ... “The benefits are endless.”


Bruce Falk From Virginia

(February 12, 2004)

“I would like to strongly recommend GFX technology to any homeowner interested in prolonging the life of their hot water heater and ensuring sufficient hot water in any situation. … My hot water heater is now almost 20 years old.  I know the reason it has lasted so long is due to GFX.  The ability to recirculate hot water has meant the heating element does not need to work as hard.  I have done nothing special, other than to have this technology installed.  My neighbors have been forced to change numerous heaters, yet I save money, not only on heating, but also on not having to purchase new equipment. …I have also been extremely pleased with the amount of hot water this device provides.  On many occasions, I have had guests and family stay at my home.  No matter how many showers need to be taken, we never run out of hot water.  What a great invention! Everyone should have one of these.  It saves money, it prolongs the life of equipment, it provides fast and sufficient hot water, and helps the environment by using less electricity.  It has operated for over 7 years without a service call.  I urge everyone to get GFX.”


Joanne from Long Island, NY

“GFX was installed in September of 1998 and to my surprise I received a credit of $279 on my oil-company budget which ran from June ’98 to May ’99. We had a mild winter, which might account for some of the savings, but there are other benefits we continue to enjoy. After the installation of GFX, we were able to lower water heater temperature by 30 degrees to a much more comfortable temperature - no more burnt hands when washing dishes …”


New Zealand Hotel Manager

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with the installation of the GFX water to water heat exchanger at the Wellington City YHA during November 1997 and the additional units installed during September 1998. The initial trial unit of an “S” Model GFX was installed on a common waste from 6 showers using 1110 liters of hot water per day. The data logged results showed a maximum temperature difference of 18 degrees Celsius [32.4 F] and an average of 14 degrees [25.2 F] which is truly outstanding. Translated into dollar savings, the single unit produced annual energy savings of $397.78 and an additional annual demand savings of $241.68. The total savings each year is therefore $639.46 and the payback was 1.12 years or 1.687 years including installation. Energy is my second biggest cost in running the hostel after labour costs and a payback of this magnitude is terrific! Last month ECOsystems installed an additional 4 GFX and I am already impressed with the results. Results from the before and after logging showed that, over a period of time where the occupancy was the same the water usage actually up by 7%, the cylinders were heating 24% less! I am convinced the GFX water to water heat exchangers are an exceptionally economical energy saving device and am happy to recommend them to anyone.” (See gfxtechnology.com/hotel.html)




Jim from New Hampshire

“I installed one of your GFX devices last year during a remodel and it functions wonderfully. We never run out of hot water. We have six children (three teenage boys) so the shower demand can be quite high. I noticed another benefit.  I plumbed the heat-exchanger water to the whole second floor for the sake of simplicity and this summer I noticed that the toilet tank does not sweat.  Previous years the tank would leave puddles on the floor when the weather is humid but this no longer happens because the water entering the tank is not as cold. Thanks for a great product.” (7/03)


The Chereks from Wisconsin

We (family of 6) have installed a S3-60 for over a year and are enjoying lower energy costs at a time when natural gas prices are continuously sky rocketing - Thank You! Our natural gas consumption was literally cut in half - that's with three girls (long showers) in the house. When may this GFX-STAR technology be available and how much will it cost? Any information would be greatly appreciated! (7/05)

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial Kitchens & Bakeries

“Getting very close to the 70% recovery advertised for the commercial GFX drain heat recovery system”; says engineer Ray Goodpastor owner of Ray’s Service Co. in Seattle, WA.


Coin-Op Laundry Manager from New Hampshire

“GFX is zero maintenance, we are saving about half of the water heating costs. It works so well, I put one in at home and our propane bill is half” .... “I would have paid nearly as much for another water heater as I spent on the GFX system, but this saves me money every month, instead of costing more.”; says Ed Zuk owner of Littleton Easy Wash in Littleton, NH. (Ed can be reached at 603-444-6797)


Engineer from Missouri (7/02)

“We have used plate and frame, and shell and tube heat exchangers in our processing operation. These were high maintenance, plugging up constantly. We switched to GFX units to resolve the plugging problems. They work! Our water heating system no longer has any trouble keeping up with demand. The GFX units have never plugged. The GFXs have been in for over 11/2 years; they are doing so well I’ve Forgotten about them.”; says Jason Blankenship, Director of Engineering Meramec Group, Inc.; Missouri, USA; manufacturer of molded Polyurethane products. (Meramec uses flight-type dishwashers in the application discussed @ gfxtechnology.com/dish.html. (Jason is willing to talk to other engineers and can be reached at 573-468-3101 ext. 293)


Engineer from California

“GFX is very functional, you can sure tell the difference.”; says Rick Stover and engineer with Energy Recovery, Inc. in Oakland, CA.


Roto-Rooter Manager from Ohio

“I have had my GFX unit installed for over a year. It has exceeded my expectations as to how much heat it would recover. During the winter the incoming water temperature is 48 degrees, the GFX unit I installed raises the incoming water to 88 degrees. The net result is my hot water expense has reduced from $22.00 per month to $12.00 per month. I installed the model S3-60, I piped it direct to the water heater…. feel free to use me as a testimonial on this product.”; says John Winthur, Manager, Roto-Rooter Corp.


Utility Manager from Minnesota

“The preliminary results on our field study are very impressive.” Minnesota Power’s Dean Talbott said he was seeing 35 to 40% less total water heating energy on the first round of comparisons.  Note: Minnesota Power offers a $100 Rebate for GFX in their Triple-E Program. One of their customers said: “It’s fool proof... The GFX is a no-brainer.”


Dan from Seattle

 “I normally don't "advertise" something unless I *really* believe in it. I don't (and won't) make any money from sales of this.... Ok, when I first found out about the "GFX Drainwater Heat Recovery System". I thought that it was a good idea, and got a brochure to read up on it. I found their sales office on the Internet https://gfxtechnology.com. What this device does is to take the heat from the wastewater (usually the shower) and use it to pre-heat the water going into the hot water tank. It does not use any electricity. I was a little skeptical about how long the payoff would be. After putting off getting one for a *LONG* time, I finally got one. Shortly after, I installed the unit. We needed an expansion tank for our hot water tank, so I added one at the same time. Due to the expansion tank, my cost to install the system is a little higher than most. I did the installation myself. We have an electric water heater. We get our electric bill every other month. I recently received my first electrical bill after installing the unit.  Now we've been trying to save on electricity, but read between the lines on this one.  The billing cycle was from April-May. Our house was electrically heated.  Last year (late summer) we switched to propane heat. During the summer we turn off the heat (Unfortunately I don't remember exactly when I turned off the heat last year). The least amount of electricity used in the previous year was from June to July of last year. This billing cycle we had use of this device for about 6 of the 8-week billing cycle. Final results:

  • We used 1/3 LESS electricity than June-July of last year [2002].
  • We used less than 50% LESS electricity than the same time last year.

I was told that this device had a 5-6 year payoff.  At this rate, I expect (even with the extras that I purchased) to have a payoff in 6-9 months! I am talking about a savings of $50-$70 per MONTH. You are welcome to forward this email to someone that might want to make use of this type of savings.  Would you want to save about $500 per year?  (more/less depending on how it is hooked up and how many people are in the house)” (6/03)



Critical Review by Ned Nissan, Former EDU Editor

(From “Extraordinary Water Heat Recovery Device”, Energy Design Update (EDU), December 1996)

1.      Here is a product that will challenge our resident skeptics.

2.      Not only does it save 30%-50% of a home’s total water heating energy consumption, it also effectively triples the heating capacity of the water heater.

3.      Still reading?

4.      Developed over the past 10 years by inventor Carmine Vasile, CEO of Water Film Energy Inc., the GFX file has been on my desk for over a year in the pile marked Amore data needed.

5.      Although the engineering principles seemed sound, there was no good documentation of actual performance to support the inventor’s fantastic claims. Until now.

6.      Virginia Power sponsored an extensive series of tests at Old Dominion University that confirm Vasile’s performance figures. (gfxtechnology.com/tests.html)

7.      In fact, the final report indicates that the GFX can match or exceed the performance of an add-on heat pump water heater at a fraction of the installed cost.

8.      The Old Dominion GFX study was part of a larger project to evaluate several electric water heating technologies, including heat pump water heaters.

9.      When the results for the GFX are compared to those for heat pump water heaters, the GFX looks better.

10.   For the three electric heaters tested, the measured energy factor was higher with the GFX than with an add-on heat pump water heater.

11.   Nonetheless, given the much lower cost of the GFX, it appears to be a practical alternative to heat pump water heaters.

12.   The concept of drain water heat recovery is far from new. At least two other devices - the Earthstar Graywater Heat Reclaimer and the Drain Gain - have been on the market for several years. And the energy-saving potential has been well-documented.

13.   Proskiw Engineering Ltd. performed an extensive analysis of one prototype system that has been operating in the Manitoba Advanced House, part of the Canadian Advanced Houses program.

14.   Proskiw concluded that a well-designed graywater heat recovery system can, in practice, save 42% of total water heating energy and theoretically as much as 50%.

15.   All those other systems, however, include water storage tanks which, while increasing overall performance, also increase size and cost considerably.

16.   The GFX uses a simpler and less-expensive approach.

17.   For anyone wondering how recovering heat from lukewarm drain water in a shower can triple the capacity of an electric water heater, the answer is quite simple, though not intuitive.

18.   The GFX is now being demonstrated in several projects, including the National Association of Home-builders Research Center Twenty-First Century Townhouse project and the Toronto Healthy House.

19.   This simple but innovative product is a no-brainer for homes with electric water heaters and a cost-effective energy saver for homes with gas heaters.  



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