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Bob Vila's Show #1002 featured a SIPS construction system & our patented DHR [Drain Water Heat Recovery] system. The photo at the right shows how clean & simple the installation is. GFX's simplicity seemed to impress Bob Vila as he described it on his show.


New Construction & Remodeling

If you are building a new home, or modernizing one, consider how SIPS & other modern building techniques can dramatically cut peak heating system loads and GFX can cut one of the largest peak water heater loads, the shower, by 50%. Together, they represent a powerful combination to lower heating system installation & operating costs.


For example, Matt from Vermont wrote: "My testimonial would be that my GFX allows me to increase the capacity of my 40 gal. LP-fired water heater which is being used to provide heat in a 2000 sq. ft. home and domestic hot water for a family of 4. Cool, huh? -Matt."

GFX permits homeowners to save money by downsizing water heaters & cutting standby loss --- which can account for a whopping 40% of the operating cost of gas storage water heaters. Residential oil-fired boilers can waste 14 million Btu/yr; far more when installed in vented utility rooms where pipes have been known to freeze on bitter cold nights.

Money saved by downsizing a water heater could cover the cost of GFX, with future savings & benefits to be enjoyed. Matt saved much more money if he had used a standard $200 gas water heater instead of a boiler for combined space & water heating, with other benefits such as:

No heating system maintenance cost &

No ..."fighting for the only hot shower in the house".

P.S. Don't overlook tankless gas or tankless electric water heaters, which are common in Europe. Although they may cost more, they pay for themselves by eliminating standby loss. See evaluation funded by Virginia Power wherein GFX boosted the Energy Factor of a tankless electric water heater into the 1.49 to 1.71 range.

If local codes mandate double-wall-vented heat exchangers to isolate heating loops, the GFX Model G3-60 with special adaptors could be used for most well-insulated homes. [See https://gfxtechnology.com/Combi.html & "Using Water Heaters for Radiant Heat", by B. Clinton, Journal of Light Construction.]

Hot air systems can use a fan-coil connected to a water heater for combined space & water heating.


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