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Hotel Dishwashers

This engineering drawing from Lebanon's GFX-Rep, Toni Habib, illustrates big Energy & Demand Savings in a commercial dishwasher installation. Flight-type dishwashers in popular hotels, casinos, resorts, theme-parks & airline-flight kitchens operating over 20 hours every day could save 500,000 kWh-thermal per year. GFX can also be used with mold-release & parts washers that discharge hot wastewaster known to clog or foul conventional heat exchangers.

Photos of Two Hotel Installations


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High-Rise Buildings

Apartments, hotels, motels, college dorms, condos, townhouses can all use GFX. (Note: The April 1997 issue of Popular Science cites a Canadian report "that an average apartment uses as much energy as a comparable-size single-family house, even though the apartment has fewer walls exposed to the outside.")


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GFX can slash water heating costs for gang-showers, hair salons, truck stops, campgrounds, etc. (NOTE: For slab construction, wastewater pumping is cost-effective because it's far cheaper to pump water than to heat it.)


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16 Col x 3-Tier Wall


1 & 2-Tier Wall Comparison






GFX Cooling-Walls offer ultra-high recycling efficiency, with inherent risk-management, because GFX's lack of internal welds eliminates cross-contamination problems caused by internal weld-failures and tube leaks common to shell and tube heat exchangers. By eliminating cross-contamination issues, an ESCO can guarantee big energy-savings, with safe and reliable performance. For example, a Textile Dye Plant consuming 1000 gpm of fresh water and producing 800 gpm of hot/smelly effluent could utilize a GFX Cooling-Wall comprised of 285 columns (15-feet tall) to cost-effectively recycle up to 85% of the waste heat carried to settling ponds where evaporation occurs to add to air pollution already created by the plant's stack emissions. The toll of heating one million gallons of water per day from 55 to 140 degrees F is about: 709 mmBtu (208,000 kWh) --- $3,545 @ $5/mmBtu to $10,400 @ $0.05/kWh --- 40 to 230 tons of CO2 & 1.4 to 8 tons of NOx emissions, depending upon the source of energy. Recycling 85% of the effluent's heat could lower peak boiler loading from 45 to 14 mmBtu/hr; dramatically reducing stack emissions and the stench from settling ponds because cool effluent evaporates more slowly. Here are several detailed examples.

GFX Case Study: Commercial Dishwasher


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Food Processing

Food Processing Applications Mandate Double-Wall-Vented Construction for Public Safety. Here GFX opens a variety of new applications; some requiring stainless steel models. A recent U.S. DOE study on applying GFX to the food processing industry reveals that "canners alone utilize 36 billion gallons of water per year in approximately 3,000 canneries in the United States". The dairy application illustrates cows drink cold water to produce hot milk (107 degrees F) which must be cooled to prevent spoilage. Preheating drinking water by precooling the milk not only cuts the cost of operating the chillers, but increases milk production because cows tend to drink more water if it's warm.


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