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Good News For Consumers

America & Canada Impose Huge Antidumping Copper-Tariffs

   The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) finally cracked down on America’s toxic-copper dumping-racket: "Zhejiang Hailiang, China’s largest publicly traded copper- tube maker, faces preliminary U.S. duties of 58.69 percent, the department said in a statement. Other Chinese makers will pay an average of 34.48 percent. IUSA is subject to 29.52 percent, with other Mexican companies paying an average 30.9 percent." (Quote from: “Zhejiang, IUSA Face U.S. Duties on Copper Pipe” by Mark Drajem, May 06, 2010, Bloomberg) See litigation history in Mueller’s FORM 10-K (2/23/10) & Mueller’s NSF-61 Restriction Statement.

Excellent News For Consumers

   Huge antidumping tariffs should end trafficking in counterfeit copper, brass & GFX products such as: Power-Pipe by RENEWABILITY & DOUCETTE INDUSTRIES, ECO-GFX & THERMODRAIN by ECOINNOVATION & GFX-Lite by WATERCYCLES. All existing, uncertified counterfeits should be recalled if made with uncertified, dumped-copper discovered by American & Canadian investigators, e.g.: Four Copper Tube Actions were filed in October 2004 in state court in California and were consolidated to become the Indirect-Purchaser Plumbing Tube Action” & “Canadian Dumping and Countervail Investigation…In June 2006, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) initiated an investigation into the alleged dumping of certain copper pipe fittings from the United States and from South Korea, and the dumping and subsidizing of these same goods from China.  The Company and certain affiliated companies were identified by the CBSA as exporters and importers of these goods.” & related consumer complaints such as Powerpipe is made with recycled copper from China…How does HOMEDEPOT EXPLAIN THIS? (Quotes from MUELLER INDUSTRIES’ FORM 10-K (2/23/10)& gfxtechnology.com/EEA.html, respectively.)

Tips For Testing Existing Plumbing Systems for Non-Radioactive Lead-204, 206, 207, 208

     As indicated in Fig. A, Lead Check Aqua II and other LeadCheck products make it possible to test your entire plumbing system for toxic metals; including non-radioactive Lead (Pb), which is a billion times less toxic than radioactive Lead-210, for example. As noted in Footnote #1, harmful Pb-210 levels are far below the sensitivity of Lead Check Aqua II, so it’s important to remove all uncertified, dumped-copper from your home. If your plumbing system is free of dumped-copper and every pipe, fitting, water heater, appliance, tank & heat exchanger is NSF61-certified, there will be no contaminants from E- or N-Waste. If you do find Lead in your plumbing or water, contact your local health department to request an XRF Inspection & Comprehensive Water Analysis for other contaminants found in uncertified plumbing and/or water distribution systems. For added safety, consider NSF-certified filters like those discussed in "Three Simple Steps to Clean, Safe Drinking Water".

Little Known Consumers Risks That Should Be Eliminated By Antidumping Tariffs

    Fig. B has a link to the Danze Faucet Website with safety tips plus warnings like these: If a faucet is certified, it will be marked accordingly. If a faucet is NOT CERTIFIED, it will bear no markings. The best way to figure this out is start by looking at the aerator, this is where the water comes out of the spout. No markings - no certification. The next place to look is on the back of the spout between the valves or on the deckplate of the faucet. Again, no markings, no certification”...Certification of a simple faucet is a lengthy and costly process, it may cost a manufacturer up to $15,000 US dollars….Such warnings certainly apply to gravity-film heat exchangers -- which unlike faucets, must be certified to isolate potable water from sewage for the life of a plumbing system. For this reason, years before California and Vermont banned brass containing Lead after 2009 and related antidumping tariffs were levied shortly thereafter, WaterFilm Energy terminated several manufacturing and/or listing agreements with unscrupulous companies that sold uncertified GFX-products with counterfeit or no UL, ETL or IAPMO labels -- including DWHRMA members now falsely claiming: ”No 3rd Party certification (example: UL, ETL, INTERTEK or CSA) standard exists for Drain Water Heat Recovery”.

   In truth, all DWHRMA members were informed that UL created UL File SA8583 in July of 1992 for heat reclaimers developed on our U.S. DOE Grant specifically for "Drain Water Heat Recovery". All subsequent ETL & IAPMO certifications are based on this 1992 DWHR certification standard.

   Such unscrupulous manufacturers not only save money by avoiding high costs of certifying and maintaining certifications by NSF, UPC, C/UPC, IAPMO, TEV, ASME or ASTM, they also save production costs by using cheap, uncertified and/or dumped-copper. Hundreds of uncertified GFX’s have been shipped with counterfeit UL, ETL or IAPMO labels, but have not been recalled – even after UL & ETL-investigators requested these Photos and consumer complaints appeared on the Internet -- for obvious reasons; any recall could involve a billion dollars in other uncertified, dumped-copper products once concerned parents learn: “No markings - no certification.

Fig. A Protect your environment & family with Lead Check Aqua II

Fig. B Danze Third-Party Certified Faucets

Fig. C Solar-GFX System in WRAP Low-Income Program

Fig. D WaterFilm's Third-Party Certified GFX Models

Lead Test Video For Paint & Old Solder

(d) ASTM B88 Coil Specifications

(e) ASTM B 306 Tube Specifications

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Footnote 1: Dangers of Recycled Radioactive Lead (Pb)

Did you know Radioactive Lead-210 is a billion times more toxic than non-radioactive Lead-204 and its concentration can only be measured with sensitive radiation detectors; something not done with contaminated Chinese or Mexican copper dumped in America then smuggled into Canada for potable water applications?

Did you know the MCL for Pb-210 is only 0.0136 picograms per liter (pg/L), which emits 1.2 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) of radiation --- the lowest by far of all radioactive compounds listed in the Table of Detected Compounds on page 5 of this Drinking Water Report for 2002 -- such as Cs-137 (200 pCi/L or 2 pg/L), Sr-89 (8 pCi/L or 0.00028pg/L) & Sr-90 (8 pCi/L or 0.053pg/L)?

Did you know in 2009 alone, $463 million worth of copper water tube was dumped on American consumers; $233M from China; $130M from Mexico?

Did you know these countries, Malaysia and others allow the use of copper recycled from sources not allowed in America, such as scrap-copper from incinerators, junkyards, nuclear reactors/submarines AND dumped-copper can contain highly toxic substances from E- & N-Waste such as: Cadmium (Cd), Beryllium (Be), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Cesium (Cs), Bismuth(Bi), Uranium (U), Radium (Ra) and their most deadly isotopes?

Did you know the EPA-MCL for non-radioactive Pb-204 is 15 micrograms/liter (ug/L or ppb); the sensitivity of Lead Check Aqua II?

Did you know NSF-61 leaching standards are supposed to guard consumers against the use of recycled copper containing all Lead isotopes?

Did you know smuggling uncertified copper and copper goods between America & Canada is necessary because Canadian health officials require third-party certification even if they bear authentic NSF-61 certification marks? (See photos of Uncertified GFX Models sold with counterfeit UL labels.)    

Sources of Radioactive E- & N-Waste

Did you know the EPA allows incinerators to burn E- & N-waste then sell their radioactive scrap metal to recyclers, according to the NY Times story discussed in an August 2010 Internet article: "State Orders Islip Landfill Capped…$16 Million Dollar Deadline"?

Did you know America is a leading supplier of “green” E-waste for the global black market and untold tons of contaminated copper recycled from 130,000 computers & 300,000 cell-phones trashed each day in America alone can end up back in America’s plumbing systems? ("What an E-Waste", pg. 72, IEEE Spectrum, September 2010)

Did you know a liquid Lead-Bismuth alloy is used to cool some military nuclear reactors? ("Small Modular Reactors", pg. 29, IEEE Spectrum, August 2010)

Did you know Pb-210 & Bi-214 are found in well water near nuclear weapons facilities like the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) on Long Island, NY?

Is it a surprise that Pb-210 and Bi-214 are found in groundwater, streams & public drinking water wells near BNL, according to these reports: (a) Radiological BNL-Groundwater Contamination, (b) 2005 BNL Health Assessment, (c) 2009 BNL Water Quality Report, (d) 2003 SCWA Drinking Water Report , pg. 12?

1.       NOTE: Public well analyses used to compile Table-A reveal the Old Neck Road in Center Moriches had only 1.1 ug/L of Pb-204 in 2000, but a whopping 1240 pCi/L (14 pg/L) of Pb-210 – over a thousand times its MCL!

2.       This toxic well is one of several near BNL’s groundwater plumes, yet the EPA failed to order it capped as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act -- they simply removed testing requirement for Pb-210 and other radioactive isotopes, as shown in these well analyses: 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, etc.

3.       Similarly, the SCWA well feeding Center Moriches & Mastic on Lambert Ave had only 3 ug/L of Pb-204 in 2002, but a whopping 1080 pCi/L of Pb-210, with a 14-test average of 77.1 pCi/L, but was not removed from service.

4.       Nor was the SCWA well on Country Club Drive in Shirley – which had only 1.6 ug/L of total Lead in 2002, but a whopping 750 pCi/L of Pb-210, with a 20-sample average of 37.5 pCi/L, or Mastic's Main Street well -- which had 20 pCi/L of Pb-210 in 2002, with a12-test average of 1.7 pCi/L and no Pb-204 detected.      

Is it any wonder California & Vermont banned lead in brass after December 2009 and Mastic, Center Moriches & Shirley have abnormally high cancer rates according to Welcome to Shirley by Kelly McMasters?

Ask your Congressman & Senator when the other 48 states will follow suite & issue recalls covering a billion dollars worth of uncertified copper & brass products smuggled into U.S. & Canadian market since the price of copper skyrocketed as the U.S. dollar plummeted and politicians opened America’s borders to recycled E- & N-Waste?