Articles about GFX

The Family Handyman

"Heat From Wastewater” [pg. 122, April 2002]

Energy Source Builder

GFX Gray Water Heat Recovery System, December 1995

Device Recovers Waste Energy From Drain Water, February 1997

Energy Design Update

"Extraordinary Water Heat Recovery Device"  [Vols. 16, 17 Nos. 12, 1, 2 -- 12/96, 1/97, 2/97]

“GFX Shines in Measured Triplex Application” [Vol. 20 No. 10– October 2000]

Popular Science

"Gain from the Drain” [pg. 48, August 1997]

Popular Mechanics

"Shower Power” [pg. 96, August 1997]

Oikos Green Building News

Oregon Expands Energy Tax Credits, Includes GFX

Multi-family Project Includes 202 GFX Drainwater Units

T.R. Strong Receives Outstanding Green Product Award

NAHB News Release

Conference Attendees Select Winner of Outstanding Green Product Award for 2002

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