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April 18, 2011 (Rev. 6/18/12)

President Barack Obama

White House (202- 456-1414)

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington D.C., DC 20500

Extending Army Barracks GFX-Applications to Navy,

Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Federal Buildings

& Assistance In Obtaining Energy Star Labels

    Dear President Obama: As Commander-in-Chief, please order your Joint Chiefs & FEMP Managers to install Drainwater Heat Recovery Systems (DHR) like the one shown in Fig. 1 (or longer models to increase energy savings) into every federal facility & ship that wastes hot water. Nearly 25 years have passed since GFX was evaluated for a DOE Grant. ORNL was also funded to verify DOE’s evaluation and explore other applications, yet only the Army took their suggestions. 

Fig. 1


Fig. 2 Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, Barracks Complex, Fort Lee, VA


   For example, 168 GFX Model S3-30's similar to one shown in Fig. 1 were installed in the Fort Lee Barracks Complex shown in Fig. 2. In addition to Fort Lee, a variety of GFX Models are installed, or slated for Forts Leonard Wood, Wainright, Jackson, Benning, Drum, Lewis, and Camp Lejuene (Cherry Point). GFX is also featured in FEMP Publication DOE/EE-0247, which indicates vast amounts of wastewater heat is recoverable from federal facilities, yet only the Army Corps of Engineers mandated GFX for LEED Certified Army Barracks as part of your Buy American Act: (In violation of this and the Lanham Act, uncertified Canadian knockoffs were installed in Fort Drum.)

·                       All materials and equipment must be in compliance with the Buy American Act as delineated in RFP 52.225-11, Contract and Specifications;

·              Drain Water Heat recovery System. Gravity Film Heat Exchangers (GFX) is a vertical counterflow heat exchanger that extracts heat out of drain water and applies it to preheat the cold water and mixed with hot water to be used in the shower. The GFX consists of a 3 or 4 inch central copper pipe (that carries the warm wastewater) with a ½-inch copper coil wound around a central pipe. Heat is transferred from the wastewater passing through the large, central pipe to the cold water simultaneously moving upward through the coils on the outside of the pipe. GFX shall be provided on all shower drains and Laundry drains. [Quotes from Fort Lee P.O. #399-12, (11/9/09) & 14 Lead Measures & U.S. Army Barracks Specification].

Assistance in Obtaining Energy Star Labels for DHR Systems

   In addition to your help in greening federal facilities with third-party certified DHR systems, we also need your help in greening new homes because, despite GFX being recommended by for Energy Star in 1995 & Energy Star For Homes & HERS in 2004, it continues to be discriminated against by Energy Star managers -- even with LEED & PATH certifications. “U.S. EPA® Energy Star for Homes”, by Glenn Chinery (March 2004)

Yours truly,

Dr. Carmine F. Vasile, GFX’s Inventor;

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