LEED & ETL Certified

NSF/ANSI Std.-61 Copper Parts

Effects of pH on Corrosion


& Water Heater Booster

Made In America With Non-Toxic Copper Coils, Drainpipes, Fittings & Manifolds Unlike US & Canadian Knockoffs



ASTM B88 Coil

ASTM B306 Tube

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 U.S. & Canadian Rebates Available in Some States

NEW! Lead/Solder-Free ProPress or Removable SharkBite Fittings Available on Multi-Coil Models

Like Toxic Canadian Knockoffs Having Counterfeit UL or  ETL Labels

Fig. 1(a) DHR Efficiency (%) vs. Flow Rate (GPM) for 3” GFX models. Left click to display 4” graphs & pressure drop.

Fig. 1 GFX-CH

Makes Electric Space & Water Heating Cheaper & Greener Than Oil & Gas (Compatible With Solar- & Wind- Generated Electricity)

Fig. 2 GFX Outperforms Toxic-Pipes Without Poisoning Your Family, Customers or Environment


Need For XRF Inspections

Fig. 3 GFXTM

Passive system for showers and other continuous-flow applications; requiring no storage tanks or pumps

Enbridge Gave Away Toxic Power-Pipes Made With Recycled Copper That May Contain Beryllium Copper (BeCu) Knowing It’s So Toxic Former President Clinton Official David Michaels Recommended A Be-Ban

LEED Specifications For Fort Benning Barracks

168 S3-30’s For Fort Lee Barracks

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EPA ENERGY-STAR For Homes Program in 2004

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Protect Your Loved Ones & Environment

NSF-61 Restriction Statement: “Copper Tube (Alloy C12200) is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for public water supplies meeting or in the process of meeting the U.S. EPA Lead and Copper Rule (56FR 26460, June 7, 1991). Water supplies with pH less than 6.5 may require corrosion control to limit copper solubility in drinking water.”

Demand Factory or Government Recall & XRF Inspection

If you already own a GFX check its coil for NSF/ANSI Incise Marks. If none are found demand a Factory Recall and file complaints to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (Re: Complaint #H0990104A) and/or Health Canada because copper tubing for drinking water exported into Canada must be third-party certified & GFX-knockoffs exported into the U.S. must bear NSF-61 incise marks. 

GFX Featured in RMI Home Energy Brief #5 "Water Heating" & US DOE's Input to 1997 CADDET Newsletter


Active system for baths, dishwashers & batch-flow devices

GFX-STAR Testimonial

LEED-Army Barracks & DOE’s Solar Water Heating Programs Now Include GFX Technology

Patent Pending, U.S Patent #4,619,311 – Coils, Tubes, Fittings & Manifolds Certified To

ASTM B88, ASTM B306 & NSF/ANSI Standard 61

Every Gravity Film Heat Exchanger (GFX™) is approved for use with potable water under

ETL & cETL Certification & UL File SA8583 (7/92), which prohibit the use of toxic/recycled-copper.


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