GFXTMHeat-Xchanger & Water Heater Booster

Why waste energy down the drain?

When it’s so easy to recycle!


See whole-house GFX installed on Bob Vila’s Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build

If you’re tired of fighting for the only hot shower in the house, or simply want to save energy, why not install a GFX long enough to halve the cost of a shower & triple the First Hour Rating of your water heater?

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Residential Installation & Shower Costs   Whole-House Installation of S3-60

Standard Models:      Residential       Commercial & Industrial

MAIN INDEX (Case Studies, Photos, Engineering Drawings, etc.)

a. Canadian GFX Installations; Laundry Photos & Health Club Photos

b. Canadian R-2000/Energuide Energy-Credits

(Electric 1760 kWh; Gas 96 Therm)

c. Kyoto Protocol: GFX™ Can Save Tons of CO2

d. DHR-System Comparisons NRCan (1998)

e. A TRILLION kWh Down U.S. Drains

f. Californians spend 1/3  for hot water

g. Next Generation GFX: GFX-STAR

h .Canadian Incentives; Residential & Commercial

i.  50-Watt Pump for Slab Homes, Boats, RV's, etc.

J. GFX Featured in Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) Home Energy Brief #5 "Water Heating"

k. “Zero-Energy” Homes by Hurst Construction

l. Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR):

Maine    New York    Ohio    U.S. Average

m. In Oregon: “hot water usage is the single biggest energy cost in an apartment"

n. Recycle Heat From Restaurant Dishwashers (Improve Grease Trap Performance)

o. DHR Technology is Recommended by PATH

p. Give your Electric Water Heater the Capacity of a Gas Heater

q. Out-Saves Every ENERGY STAR & WAP Appliance

r. Boost Water Heater Efficiency & Recovery Rate

s. HPWH as well as Solar Water Heaters

t. Geothermal HVAC System

u. Instant Hot Water Systems  Save Water


Patent Pending, U.S Patent #4,619,311 -- Coils & Tubes Conform to

ASTM B88 & B306 Specifications

Approved for use in Canada with potable water according to

ETL & cETL Certification & UL File #SA8583 a/k/a MH26850, MH29466 & E173200

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