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Model P3-60 GFX


Application: Twenty gas water heaters (GWH) must supply hot water at or above 150OF @ 4 gpm to 20 flight-type, conveyor dishwashers to remove mold release from injection molded plastic parts. Each washer demands an average of 2 GPM of 150O water, 24 hours/day, 5 days/week.

Water Heater: Rheem Vanguard Model 6E743A, 199,900 Btu/hr input, 183 GPH @ 110 degree F rise, 170,000 Btu/hr output, 85% conversion efficiency.

Major Problems Solved: (1) Fouling of conventional heat exchangers; (2) Insufficient supply of water hot enough to meet process specifications.

Feedback (7/02)

We have used plate and frame, and shell and tube heat exchangers in our processing operation. These were high maintenance, plugging up constantly. We switched to GFX units to resolve the plugging problems. They work! Our water heating system no longer has any trouble keeping up with demand. The GFX units have never plugged. The GFXs have been in for over 11/2 years; they are doing so well Ive Forgotten about them. -- says Jason Blankenship, Director of Engineering Meramec Group, Inc.; Missouri, USA; manufacturer of molded Polyurethane products. (Quote from



Operating Parameters Without GFX


68F Cold Supply

45F Cold Supply

Process Energy Demand:

19.68 Therm/day

25.20 Therm/day

GWH Load [See Notes]

19.68 Therm/day

25.20 Therm/day

Input Energy Demand:

23.15 Therm/day

29.65 Therm/day

Input Heat Demand @ 4gpm:

1.929 Therm/hr

2.471 Therm/hr

Drainwater Heat:

14.88 Therm/day

20.40 Therm/day


With GFX Model P3-60

Process Energy Demand:

19.68 Therm/day

25.20 Therm/day

Measured GFX-Performance:

Drain - 39F drop [130/ 91]

53.6F drop


Coil - 39F rise [68/107]

53.6F rise

Measured Recycling Efficiency:



Heat Recovered:

9.36 Therm/day

12.85 Therm/day

GWH Load:

10.32 Therm/day

12.35 Therm/day

Input Energy Demand:

12.14 Therm/day

14.53 Therm/day

Input Heat Demand @ 4gpm:

1.012 Therm/hr

1.211 Therm/hr

Energy Savings:



Demand Savings:



Net Savings For 20 P3-60's:

48,672 Therm/yr

66,820 Therm/yr

NOTE 1: Distribution & Standby Loss Neglected
NOTE 2: 1 Therm = 100,000 Btu = 29.3 kWh
*GFX Measurements , Courtesy of Jason Blankenship, MERAMEC Group.


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