Prices of Major Parts for DIY Upgrade to GFX-STAR™

Fig. 1 Low cost GFX-STAR upgrade using a low power (80 W) self-priming, plastic diaphragm pump (with internal check valves) mounted on a GFX Model G3-60:
Shurflo Model 2088-594-500: $117 ($205 List)

Fig. 2 TACO bronze circulating pump, air vent and check valve assembly connected to S3-60:

Grainger Prices: TACO 008 BC-6: $184.50;

TACO 006 B4-4: $107.20; 3/4" Check Valve: #6P977 $15.99; Air Vent: #4UN92 $6.42

Fig. 3 Automatic-upgrade assembly with Delta-T controller mounted on TACO 008 pump.

Fig. 4 Complete system with surface sensors connected to GFX’s drain and cold-water inlets.

Fig. 5 Thermomax Delta-T Controller Model USDT 2005, $129

Fig. 6 LEVITON Programmable Timer Model 4253BW, $27.99

NOTE (1) Pump inlet should be connected to drain outlet of an existing electric tank-type water heater or solar storage tank for best energy savings.

NOTE (2) If existing water heater is gas, oil, or tankless, a preheated water tank is required.

40 Gallon Whirlpool® Model: MHE2F30HS035, $198