Greener & Cheaper Tankless

Space & Water Heating System

(Prototype Saved 50 to 60 Million BTU/yr

= 14.5 to 17.5 MWh-Thermal)

Compatible With Solar-PV & Solar-Thermal


Figure 2 in Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) Home Energy Brief #5

   RMI’s Fig. 2 shows how a GFX system can be integrated with any tankless, on-demand water heater to heat your home.

   Advantages include:

*  PV, Dual-Fuel & ZEH compatibility;

*  Low current draw during showering and/or increased shower capacity;

*  Low on/off cycling- loss with modulating temperature controller, especially if set point is slaved to outside temperature.

*  Low standby loss.

*  Low operating and/or maintenance cost compared to oil, propane or gas.


Case Study: All-electric Balanced Billing Amount of $193/mo (Effective 4/9/12) -- with central AC & tankless-electric hot water heating -- is cheaper & cleaner than oil or gas heat, especially with renewable electricity.


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