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Model VWP100

Water Processor


Increase Water Quality &

Water-Heating Efficiency by

Preprocessing & Preheating

Water To Remove & Prevent Lime & Iron Deposits

Increase Space-Heating

Efficiency by Removing & Preventing Lime Scale in

Radiant & Conventional Hot Water Heating Systems

Whole-House GFX/VWP System with GFX Model S3-58-LC

or S4-58-LC


Model VWP 200

Water Processor


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Fig. 1: Whole-house GFX/VWP-systems offers many benefits, especially in places having hard well or city water, such as: higher energy savings, increased shower-capacity, improved quality of both potable and wastewater. They also remove & prevent lime buildup in water pipes, fixtures, thermostatic valves, heat exchangers, water heaters, filters & strainers, GFX-drainpipes, ice makers, radiant and/or baseboard heating loops, etc.

Fig. 2: Model VWP100 Processor installed in return line of a Tankless Hydronic Heating System in 30-year old house in Patchogue, NY -- where the first production Model G3-60 GFX was installed in 1993. A whole-house VWP200 was installed in August of 2008 then a VWP100 in October to improve space-heating efficiency by removing 30 years of calcium & rust deposits from baseboard convectors and prevent future lime-scaling and rust fouling.