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Active system for baths, dishwashers and other batch-flow uses

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GFX-STAR Saves Energy Conventional

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Passive system for showers and other continuous-flow uses

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GFX Featured in Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) Home Energy Brief #5 "Water Heating"

Compares Savings of Electric, Gas, Geothermal, Heat Pump &Solar Water Heaters

Solar and Efficient Water Heating: 2005 DOE Roadmap Adds Drainwater Heat Recovery

“Zero-Energy” Homes by Hurst Construction

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Patent Pending, U.S Patent #4,619,311 -- Coils & Tubes Conform to

ASTM B88 & B306 Specifications

Approved for use in Canada with potable water according to

ETL & cETL Certification & UL Certification #SA8583 a/k/a MH26850, MH29466 & E173200

* Improving the Efficiency of Drainwater Heat Recovery [DHR], Energy Design Update, Dec. 2005

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