GFX Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems (DWHRS)

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Fig. 1 illustrates a typical, whole-house GFX Drain Water Heat Recovery System (DWHRS) plumbed for highest efficiency per the original GFX Patent (U.S. No. 4,619,311).

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Fig. 2 illustrates a GFX cross-section & typical water temperatures of a Model G3-60 for three U.S. Climate Zones.

Save up to $490 (92%) with Comparable Energy Savings*

60-inch GFX Models G3-60 & S4-60, costing $530 & $700, match the savings of a $920, 78" Power-Pipe Model R3-78.

  • In October 2016, Home Depot was selling a less efficient, 72-inch Model R3-72 Power Pipe for $914.40.

Save $210 (60%) for Shorter GFXs

In homes with height restrictions, a 30" GFX Model G3-30 costing $350 can be used instead of a 30-inch, $560 Model R3-30 Power-Pipe.

  • Note: A G3-60 GFX offers 41% heat-recovery efficiency, compared to 34.8% for an R3-30 Power-Pipe.** (See graphs & equations @ to compare other models.)

*   Prices in October of 2016
Tested according to CSA B55.1; the Canadian version of U.S. DOE standards used by
Virginia Power to test GFX over 20 years ago.   

GFX-Installation Video

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